William Marshall Savoy, the founder of the City of Savoy originally donated the land for this church in the 1870’s. It has been standing ever since. Savoy has seen it’s fair share of disasters beginning with the cyclone of 1880 which leveled most of the town. The Savoy Sanctuary was one of the few surviving buildings. While no less than three major fires took their tolls on many historical sites in Savoy over the past 100 years, the Sanctuary has survived.

1878 Savoy Sanctuary Preservation Society, a new non-profit Texas corporation, is now continuing efforts to restore the Sanctuary. The goal has not just been to restore it... but to bring it to life.

The Way Christian Ministry is currently using the church for nondenominational Christian worship. Also, the Sanctuary is available for events such as weddings, funerals, concerts, and other community events. Please visit 1878SavoySanctuary.org for more information about the continuing restoration.

In 1989, the remaining congregation of the Savoy Methodist Church tried to save it as a historical building, but instead received a subjective historical marker for the congregation by the Texas Historical Commission in 1990. The Methodist Church then gave the building to Savoy Independent School District who used it for musicals and graduations.

IMG_5082Sitting comfortably on a well-worn pew in the old Savoy Methodist Church, you can almost hear the sounds made by generations of congregational members. Surely the men’s low voices, the children’s laughter, and the women’s lyrical soprano tones intermingled through the years in countless hymns, liturgies, studies, and prayers.

Today, the old church, now known as Savoy Sanctuary, is returning to life with Christian worship, prayer and hymns again echoing within its walls, thanks to its new congregation, The Way Christian Fellowship of Savoy.   (For information about worship services, contact www.followtheway.org).  On Sunday mornings, you can even hear the beautiful tones of the original 1878 church bell ring throughout the town before each service.